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Culver City's Favorite





50' Globe carnival lights                     $45.00

100' Globe carnival lights                    $75.00

(installation not included)


Red Carpet

3'X10'            $25.00

3'X25'            $60.00

3'X50'           $110.00

3'X100'          $200.00




Podium    $40.00





PA System 2 speakers                  $109.99

PA System 1 speaker                    $ 99.99




AstroTurf     $.35/sqf

Plus installation



5' Garment rolling rack                  $12.99


Wedding cake tree stand               $49.99


20' icicle light                               $12.00


20' Extension Cord                         $9.00


Aluminum Easel                           $9.99    








Due to the complexity of each setup and arrangement, a custom quote will usually be required. Generally, we come out to the location and do a walk through planning estimate to make a recommendation as to design. Estimate the type and quantity of equipment involve and prepare a customized quote; A $50.00 fee will apply but we will reimburse this fee if you book your event with us.


  • Carnival String Lighting / Market Lights (Overhead) generally cost between $900 and $1,750 depending on the number of strings, distances, and complexity of the setup.  Most weddings fall somewhere in the middle of such price range.
  • Adding paper globe lanterns to overhead String/Market Lighting generally costs between $75 and $150 depending on the quantity, sizing, and type of lantern. They add time to the setup/strike due to actually hanging each one. 



Why so much? Some are surprised at the cost until they realize what goes into them. Not only does installing String Lights require a lot of specialized equipment such as rigging, poles/bases, steel cabling, special connectors, specialized electrical equipment, etc. they take a good deal of manpower to install properly.  Most jobs require 2-4 guys for 3-5 hours to setup, and 1-3 hours to break down- and that’s with experience and the proper tools and equipment.  The string lighting you see at most weddings and events not your average Christmas Lights from Walmart either.  

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