Culver City's Favorite
Culver City's Favorite



                                                                                    Banquet Poly Linen   

 8'x60" for 6' banquet table                 $10.99 

                10'x60" for 8' banquet table                  $11.99                   

                                                                                      Round Poly Linen

108'' Round linen for 48'' table             $10.99

120'' Round linen for 60''table              $13.99


Spandex Cover for Cocktail Table  

(White, Black or Silver(gray)$18.99 $13.99


                                                                             Umbrella Round Linen

108" Round Tablecloth White only       $12.99

120" Round Tablecloth White only       $15.99


                                                                                Drape Polyester Linen

90''x132'' for 6' banquet table                 $15.99

90"x156" for 8' banquet table                $18.99 

Skirt Poly Linen

14'L x 29" W  with clips                         $17.99


         Overlays, Table Runners, & Napkins 

58"x58"    overlay                                   $5.99

                  14" x 108" runner                                   $5.99                   

                                                                Napkins  Polyester                                 $0.85


                                                            Vintage Linen Fabric 

                                                                 Wheat, Champagne, and Silver

                                                      12" x 108" Runner                                    $7.50

                                                                 58" x 58" Overlay                                   $9.99

                                                                 108" Round Linen                                   $21.99

                                                                 120" Round Linen                                   $27.99

                                                                 8' x 60" for 6' table                                 $16.99

                                                                10' x 60" for 8' table                                $18.99 

                                                                90" x 132" for 6' banquet                        $29.99

                                                        90" x 156" for 8' banquet                       $34.99                                             



   For your specialty linen needs please place your order 14 day or more to ensure availability of your linen


   Click the following link for     




     Will my table linen color match?

We do our best to control color across all our products, but it is possible that you may receive items where color does not match completely. 


The following factors increase the difficulty of delivering completely color matched products to our customers: 

  • Different dye lots may be used to produce a single SKU during the cutting and sewing stage
  • Different dye lots may be used to produce different SKUs during the cutting and sewing stage
  • Different dye lots may be used over time, as cloth supplies are used and replenished
  • Different dye lots for a single SKU may be stored in our warehouses at the same time
  • Different dye lots across different SKUs may be stored in our warehouses at the same time


As you can imagine, this makes it nearly impossible to get a 100% color match, even for a single SKU. All our warehouse fulfillment staff is trained to match products as closely as possible for each delivery.



To prevent staining and mildew, all linens MUST be refuse free and dry

             Most Mildew stains cannot be removed.

Customer will be charged for damaged or stained linen that we are unable to remove at the replacement cost of the item.

We recommend avoiding hot or crazy glue, paints, tape, silicone, or glitter.Responsibility for equipment remains with the customer from delivery until pick up or return.

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